Island Kitchen

Island Kitchen

Once all of the groceries, utensils, dishes and electrical appliances are to be stored in a typical kitchen; therefore more space is required. Generally kitchen have abundant storage space, but precious little workspace. For this reason, kitchen designers have developed a special counter called a kitchen island. A kitchen island is a centrally-located countertop used primarily for food preparation and auxiliary cooking needs. In many kitchens with busy families, the island may also be used as a table for quick meals.

The simplest island design is a smooth countertop made of a standard kitchen material such as tile, stainless steel, wood or stone. This extra surface allows cooks to prepare bulky items like dough’s and pastas, or to transfer hot foods from the oven to cool before serving. The countertop is usually placed around waist level or higher, with several drawers for utensils and food prep tools.

A more advanced design may feature a working sink and disposal unit for prepping fruits and vegetables. A side cutting board may be pulled out from one end, while another can be placed on the countertop for handling raw foods. Illumination for the workspace on a kitchen island is often provided by an overhead light, recessed lighting or focused track lighting. It is important to have enough light when working around sharp equipment like knives and mandolin slicers.

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